EP-4VKMI driver

Developer: Epox
Version: 3.9.8
Size: 24.77 Mb
System: Windows XP,Windows 98 SE,Windows 2000,Windows NT SP3,Windows NT,Windows 2000 SP4
License: freeware


Supported software

Windows 3.11 EP-4VKMI controller
Windows NT SP3 EP-4VKMI driver utility
Windows 98 SE EP-4VKMI controller
Windows 2000 SP4 EP-4VKMI zip
Windows 2000 SP2 EP-4VKMI controller
Windows 2000 SP4 EP-4VKMI driver utility
Windows NT EP-4VKMI exe
Windows Vista EP-4VKMI codec
Windows Vista EP-4VKMI installation software
Windows ME EP-4VKMI pci controller

Recent News

Microsoft patches identity spoofing vulnerability

Microsoft has moved to patch the security vulnerability surrounding the improper use of digital certificate validation. The flaw enables attackers to electronically establish a false identity in order to gain access to systems or data. Essentially, an attacker that possessed a valid electronic identity certificate could issue bogus subordinate certificates and carry out a variety of identity spoofing attacks. ...more

BT commits itself to 100 per cent UK broadband coverage by 2005...if it gets public money.

BT is 'absolutely committed' to connecting every UK community, even the remotest, to broadband by 2005. However, it has re-emphasised that it will not be able to it do without regional partnerships with development agencies. In a speech to The Broadband Edge Conference in Cornwall, BT Retail chief executive Pierre Danon said that with the help of regional partnerships, he expects BT to deliver 90 per cent coverage by this summer. ...more

New Plans To End Spam

The Responsible Email Communications Alliance (RECA) has unveiled its guidelines to eradicate unsolicited email. They are based on those set down in the Fair Information Practice Guidelines by the American Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The RECA’s President, Christopher Wolf, claims it is making a legitimate and conscientious effort to deal with public concerns about spam. ...more

Nokia and Siemens stay strong for R&D investment

The top 500 companies in the EU invested a total of €100bn in Research and Development during 2003, new figures from the European Commission reveal, but the figure was down on the previous year. Among the five top spenders were Nokia and Siemens, who each invested between €4bn and €5.6bn during the year. ...more

AOL employee sells 92 million email addresses to spammer

An AOL employee has been arrested and charged with stealing 92 million email addresses and selling them on to spammers according to the LA Times. 24 year old Jason Smathers, a software engineer with the company and an accomplice, Sean Dunaway an email marketer, have been accused of breaking fraud and anti-spam laws. Federal investigators say that Smathers sold the email addresses of every AOL subscriber as of May 2003 to Dunaway who used the list to promote his online gambling business as well as selling the names on to other spammers. ...more

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